The Unofficial Edmonton Downtown Patio Guide Part I, 124 Street

One of my favorite things about Edmontonians is our love for dining outdoors. Even when conditions are less than favourable you’ll see patios packed with folks, we are clearly a hearty breed! And we sure are lucky because there are some amazing patios and open air dining options in Edmonton for us to chose from.

On the blog in the coming week I’ll have a three part series highlighting all/most of the notable patios in the greater yegdt area (holla at me if there are any I forgot!). For the first installment we’ll start off in my hood, the beautiful and booming 124 Street. I’ve loved watching 124 Street start to turn into one of the ‘up and coming’ neighborhoods in Edmonton. If it’s not somewhere you’ve visit recently I highly recommend you stop by! Also, check out the 124 Street website for information about all the great business and restaurants (even ones without patios) in the area.


Without further ado here is the Unofficial Downtown Patio Guide Part I, 124 Street.

The 124 Street Area Patios:

Café Tiramisu

The patio is located just off the bustling 124 Street, stop in for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a snack. And check out their awesome specials, Tuesday is BOGO pizza and $5 draught beer.


Patio may not be the right word to describe the outdoor eating area at the Duchess but I think it’s worth honorable mention. Enjoy your latte and croissant at one of the coveted bistro tables just outside the store front.

The Dish’s Secret Garden Patio

I almost don’t want to include this amazing patio space for fear that the secret will be out and then I won’t be able to get a table on the Dish’s amazing Secret Garden Patio. This is hands down the best patio for a relaxing evening with friends, it’s beautifully decorated with hanging flower baskets and the food is always perfect.

Dahlia’s Mediterrian Bistro

Enjoy a delicious shawarma on Dahlia’s sunny patio, open for lunch, coffee, and wine.

Original Joe’s

Affectionately known as OJ’s around my household, this is one of my go-to patios. It’s a cozy space and I love the addition of heaters for the chillier summer nights.

Violino Ristorante

Sadly I’ve never actually eaten on Violino’s patio but I’m 100% certain it would be worth a trip to visit “Edmonton’s only outdoor pizza oven”, situated right smack dab in the middle of the outdoor dining space.

The Manor Casual Bistro

Another patio I have yet to dine on but with its discreet locale I imagine it would be a peaceful place to grab a casual lunch/brunch or nice dinner.

Urban Diner

The Urban Diner on 124 Street is one of my favorite breakfast spots (I LOVE the Diner Hash) and when the patio is up and running in the summer months I just can’t stay away! They’re also open for lunch and dinner.

Cococo Chocolatiers

I think this is a bit of a hidden gem even though it’s right on the corner of 124 Street and Jasper Ave it’s just far enough removed that you almost don’t notice their beautiful patio set up. Stop by and enjoy a chocolaty treat or one of my faves, an affogato (delicious gelato dosed with a shot of hot espresso).

The Bothy

The Bothy patio is a great spot to have some wine and cheese or test out a scotch from their vast selection.

Vi’s for Pie

OK so Vi’s isn’t exactly on or around 124 Street BUT this Glenora gem has such a cute and sunny patio that I just couldn’t leave them out! It’s a great place to enjoy a sweet treat and a sunset.



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