The Unofficial Edmonton Downtown Patio Guide Part II, Oliver

The next up on the docket for the Unofficial Edmonton Downtown Patio Guide is the beautiful Oliver community.

I kind of define Oliver as the area spanning from 118 Street to 109 Street  and 104 Avenue to…well the river basically. Let me tell you, this area is PACKED with super cool outdoor spaces. There is a patio for every mood in this neck of the woods, whether you are looking for an intimate date night or a lively evening of sweet beats (I don’t know what “sweet beats” are but it sounds cool no?) you’ll find your patio soul mate in Oliver.

But wait! There’s more! Coming up on the blog later this week, the third and final installment of the Unofficial Edmonton Downtown Patio Guide is none other than the exciting Downtown community, and if you missed it check out the 124 Street Patio Guide.

Now hold on to your hats you sun basking, back porch lemonade guzzling, patio lovers – here we go!


The Oliver Area:

Il Pasticcio Trattoria

I love that this patio is a little off the beaten path, there’s still lots of hustle with Victoria Promenade just up the street but it’s got a nice low key kind of vibe. A great place to have a glass of wine…or two.

Beer Revolution

This is kind of a no brainer, awesome sunny patio and beer.

Hudsons Canadian Tap House Downtown

This is actually a really lovely patio with good foliage to keep the busy 104 Ave traffic out of sight and out of mind. If you’re looking for a livelier crowd then head over on Friday or Saturday evening.


Cibo serves up amazing Italian eats and they have a great courtyard space dotted with a few tables from which you can enjoy a leisurely meal or a quick lunch.

Iconoclast Koffiehuis

In fairness this is probably less of a patio and more of an open air kind of space but it’s a great place to enjoy an unreal cappuccino and some friendly conversation.

Earls Tin Palace

Love it or hate it, Earls is a great standby and with their newly renovated patio a great place to enjoy a cocktail on a sunny summer afternoon.

Japonais Bistro

The Japonais patio is one I’ve often overlooked but after recently having lunch there with a girlfriend I think it is highly recommendable! It gets great sun and the sushi is da bomb!

Famoso Jasper Ave

This is a great covered and heated patio to check out on an overcast kind of evening when you’d still like to get some fresh air but not bear the elements. And come on, Famoso is a crowd pleaser!

Elm Cafe

Such a great place to grab a tasty breakfast or lunch and a kick ass cuppa joe! I love the chill vibe of this patio.

Co Co Di

Right on Jasper Ave, this patio is always bumping and a great place to people watch while smoking some herbal shisha (and don’t forget to order my favorite hommus with beef and pine nuts).

Louisiana Purchase

This is one of the few places to go in Edmonton when you’re having a Cajun craving and although I’ve never eaten on the patio it looks like a great place to enjoy lunch or dinner.

Indian Fusion

Those who know me know that this is one of the first places I’ll suggest when the “where should we go for dinner” question arises. This is my favorite Indian place in town and they have a great casual patio space on which you can enjoy the BEST butter chicken and coconut naan.

Sicilian PK

I’m always surprised to drive by the Sicilian PK patio and see tables available! This is an underrated patio in my humble opinion; it’s a great spot to enjoy some sunshine and a limoncello.

JOEY Jasper

Another great standby, I have spent many Saturday afternoons (often turning into evenings) enjoying Super Stoked Vodka Cokes on this patio.

Cactus Club

I have to give the new kids on the block credit; I love the year round patio! It’s great to get to enjoy that patio feel even when the weather isn’t cooperating.


This is one of Grandin’s hidden gems. It’s a  great place to grab a quick lunch or hang out for a casual dinner. I love their Mediterranean salad and their focaccia bread is to die for!



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