Hi! My name is Lindsay, I am a downtown dweller and passionate YEGGER who loves to cook. I love my city, it’s humble but bursting with fun actives to do and cool events to attend and I try to cram as much of these things as I can into my life. One of the best things about YEG is the amazing local food scene; there are so many great restaurants and markets to check out it’s a wonder we all don’t weight 1000 lbs. It’s the great vibe in YEG is what keeps me inspired in my own kitchen to try new recipes and flavours.

My approach to food is simple, everyday ingredients, easy recipes, and delicious results! I try to eat healthy and avoid processed foods as much as I can but I believe in everything in moderation (including moderation).

I love cooking food, eating food, and talking about food and rarely do I do any of those things without a cocktail in hand – this Will Cook for Cocktails it is.


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1 thought on “About

  1. Hi Lindsay, I’ve always maintained that my meals cooking tastes better when I drink wine while I’m cooking.

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